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Simply Grace

August 8, 2008 by  
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The Yukka bush outside the front door is such an elegant front-of-house director of people inside that she deserves great tips from everyone that enters. Her neatly manicured points make you think not even an errant gust of wind would unruffle her clear-thinking head. She’s gracious and lovely to boot.

I’ve known and met people like that throughout my life, my family friend Kathleen is like that. Wonderfully gracious. I’m not sure she realises it, but it’s like a halo round her head. Nothing in the 21 years that I have known her has changed about the effortless way that she honours you with her full presence when you spend time with her.

Grace and the demeanour of graciousness seem like fading attributes among people today. Why is that I wonder? It is a particularly elegant attribute. I’ve observed over the years that it emanates from the inside out and whatever it touches, it brings great calm to (my experience).

It brings a quality of life to and a nurturing without actually asking permission to do so. Inclusive but not intrusive. There seems to be something other-worldly about the way it moves among us, acknowledging small things people say and do without feeling like it’s necessary to make a showy display of things.

But here’s the thing, it’s actually making quite a to-do about them but in that more dignified yet understated way, that is, eye contact and a slight tip of the head. I like that alot about it as a personal quality. That inherent ‘sum-a-situation-up-in three-seconds’ that results in a real acknowledgement of you and your effort.

Why all this talk of grace this morning? Because if you met her, you’d know. And everyone ought to meet someone like her, at least once in their lifetime.

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