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Dream Team Machine

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Sumner Redstone once said, “The best deal is one where it’s fair to you and it’s fair to them”, this from a man who has engendered loyalty from his staff because he has shown it to them. And this too, from a man who has an estimated personal fortune of $US9bn.

He says, “He looks for three things in a person, competence, character and commitment”. What do you look for in a person you want to be in your team? I ask myself that sometimes in quieter moments. What makes a real dream team? Great individual players? Great individual players that will watch the backs of their fellow players? What exactly?

A ‘dream team’. Does such a creature truly exist? And if we scratched the surface of some of the more acclaimed “dream teams” would we find not just exceptional individuals but exceptional human beings too? Hard to say.

But if infact, lah does follow so then I’m left with the distinct impression that, it may indeed be true and that despite some of the behaviour that’s often reported in the media of ‘heroes’ behaving badly! We all have our bad hair days right? Right.

So, are ‘dream teams’ necessary? Well, here’s the thing, ‘dream teams’ have a way of allowing the spectator in us to leap from our seats onto centre stage, where for 60 seconds of glorious recognition we seek to identify with a winning combination that can forget the blood, sweat and tears of the journey leading to and culminating in that single golden moment and all without leaving our armchairs!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved the idea of being on a ‘dream team’ but like Sumner Redstone, I like the idea of competence, character and commitment in a person better.

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