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Red Dust Role Models

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“Red Dust Role Models seek to improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged youth living in remote communities. Each year, they conduct around 12 tours to remote communities around Australia and now internationally, in Fiji and India.

As part of these tours, Red Dust Role Models visit remote communities and deliver programmes in the areas of lifestyle education, mentoring and music. Their Role Models use their talents and profile in the areas of sport, art and music to convey healthy lifestyle messages and deliver positive and educational programmes.

The programme encourages healthy lifestyle decisions and promotes education as a path to personal development, employment and readiness for community leadership. Australian based, but globally focused, Red Dust is driven by a commitment to decrease the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians in terms of health, education and opportunities to fulfill human potential.

As part of their commitment to remote community organisations, Red Dust Role Models supports the development of projects and programmes that are aligned with their objectives. This commitment is maintained in their expansion to remote regions outside of Australia too.

They draw upon experience and knowledge gained from over 14 years of working in remote indigenous communities and the strong relationships that have resulted. This may involve them raising funds for infrastructure projects, committing resources and skills for a programme’s development or through donations supplying much needed sport and music equipment.

THEIR PROJECTS :: Mentoring System :
“Gondwanaland” is the enhanced new version of their online communication system. It is a virtual world that students and Role Models can use to communicate and learn positive lessons.

Kintore Pool Project
Two years ago the very remote desert community of Walungurru (Kintore) celebrated the grand opening of their long-awaited swimming pool. Red Dust committed themselves to a long-term agreement with Kintore to assist with the management of the pool, by way of cash contributions going specifically towards the hiring of a Pool Manager or the cost of training staff.

Either option will help to provide training and employment to a member of the community and assist with the ongoing running costs of the pool. And while they were at it, they committed themselves to the provision of swimming equipment and apparel.

The Strong Men Project :: Wadeye, NT
The Nganki Ngunnuwinhinga Programme – ‘Men taking the Lead’ aims to provide training and opportunity for 4-6 young men (15-18 years old) from Wadeye community to explore their cultural and sporting talents in the hope of making a difference.

These men are relocated to Bright in North Eastern Victoria for seven months of the year (football season). The young men are mentored in education, work part time in the area of tourism and are supported in developing their literacy, life skills, personal health, fitness and strengthening their cultural identity.

The programme works in conjunction with the Essendon Football Club and the AFL to provide opportunities for the young men to succeed. The young men visit the Club regularly, participating in health & fitness programmes, nutrition and skills training under the guidance of the Essendon Football Club.

Red Dust Role Model also works closely with the young men in preparation for their development as Red Dust Role Models assisting in the delivery of the programme in Wadeye. Each participant must meet strict criteria (linked to school attendance and cultural knowledge) for entry into the programme, as well as maintain high levels of fitness, no drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.

They are responsible for attending classes, being at work on time, paying rent, meeting fitness requirements, following a health and nutrition plan and meeting all educational and work related expectations. It is also crucial for participants to share their culture within schools in the area.

Kyle Vander-kuyp
Several years ago now, I had the great fortune to meet Kyle Vander-kuyp at an Australian Indigenous Sports Awards. I thought him then, as I do today, a wonderful ambassador for his sport. It’s not surprising to me that he is a Red Dust Role Model. He is in fact the reason I have brought the work of Red Dust Role Models to your attention. Good role models are to be held in high regard and I do.

Kyle is an indigenous Australian athlete of the Wurundjeri tribe. He holds the Australian record for 110m Hurdles (13.29 sec) and the Australian record for 60m Hurdles indoors (7.73 sec), and has been National Champion 12 times. He was part of the 4 x 100m relay silver medalist team at the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, Canada and was a finalist in the 110m hurdles at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, USA. Kyle has represented Australia at four Commonwealth Games, including the Melbourne Games in 2006.

He has received many honours, particularly for his contributions to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sport. In 2003 he won the prestigious Charles Perkins Award. In 2008 Kyle was appointed to the Australian Sports Commission Board. He dedicates a great deal of time as an ambassador and mentor for indigenous youth. Kyle was born in Sydney, but grew up in Melbourne after being adopted by Pat and Ben Vander-kuyp at just five weeks old. He continues to reside in Melbourne, where he lives with his partner, Rheannan Port, and their baby daughter, Kyochre.”

DONATE: General donations from readers like you are vital in supporting the day to day running of the Red Dust Role Models Organisation as well as for purchasing resources and supplies when embarking on a trip to remote communities.

Red Dust Role Models has a number of upcoming programmes and projects that your donation can contribute to. Here at we whole heartedly encourage to get behind this great work. And thank you.

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