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Healing Heart Sanctuary (HHS)

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“Is devoted to helping animals and children get back on their feet directly or through outreach and programme development. They take in rescued animals that have been injured or disabled and rehabilitate them. Healing Heart Sanctuary is located in beautiful Kanab, southern Utah.

The 2.3 acre property has a residential house for animals and humans alike, a barn, covered stalls, and a cement pond (swimming pool). The animals stay with HHS as a part of their onsite programme or when it’s time, HHS find appropriate adoptive homes for these special needs pets.

During the animal’s rehabilitative time at Healing Heart Sanctuary, children who are physically, mentally, or emotionally challenged get the chance to interact with, care for, and help in the recovery process of the animals. Healing Heart Sanctuary is also dedicated to raising awareness of the able-ness of animals with disabilities, sharing information and collaborating with the public and other animal and people organisations.

Programmes | Healing Animals

HHS have helped rehabilitate dogs, cats, rabbits, sheep, goats, birds, tortoises, cows, and horses whose injuries have ranged from injured limbs, to respiratory problems, to paralysis. They use a number of healing techniques and therapies from traditional veterinary medicine to the amazing world of alternatives: water therapy, sound wave technology, light therapy, energy work, massage, and nutritional therapy.

HHS also help other sanctuaries and rescues in the rehabilitation of injured animals that they don’t have the time, money, or expertise to help. Once stable, these animals are then adopted out through the original sanctuary/rescue, or directly from Healing Heart Sanctuary, whichever comes first.

Programmes | Healing Children

Children are invited to go to Healing Heart Sanctuary, whenever possible, to help in the healing and rehab of the animals. The children usually have either mental, physical, emotional, and/or attitudinal challenges. Staff at HHS believe helping some other being get back on its feet can be the biggest step to getting yourself out of your own way and back on your own feet.

The children learn how to take care of the animals by feeding, cleaning, and brushing them. They help them with their therapies by encouraging the animals during therapy or by actually doing the therapy themselves, if appropriate. The playing and cuddling with the animals is the best therapy of all!

Hearts open here, some that perhaps haven’t been open for a very long time. Animals will do that naturally; injured animals often just speed up the process. The children learn love, compassion, confidence, responsibility, and, most importantly, that just because you may be different doesn’t mean that you are of any less value.

Residents | Sanctuary Kids

Sanctuary Kids are those animals that for a variety of reasons are more likely to be long-term or permanent residents at Healing Heart Sanctuary. It may be that the animal has special needs that are best addressed at HHS. Or some animals have completed their rehab needs but are great ambassadors for the sanctuary; they may work well in facilitating the healing of other animals.

Or they may provide an enriching experience for the children who are able to come visit the sanctuary. In any case, they must all have a willingness to be here or wonderful adoptive families are found for them.”

At Healing Heart Sanctuary they feel its their great honour to be the recipient of the ongoing support and assistance they’ve received over the years. In reality, I’m sure you’ll agree, their work to honouring to them. We thank them warmly for it. And I thank you, my readers for any help and assistance you may give to this wonderful organisation in the future.


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