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Byfusion Technology provides an effective and economic solution to the global problem of landfills and oceans being overcome by plastic. Globally we produce over 80 million tonnes of plastic waste yearly, and our consumption continues to increase

“Peter Lewis from an innovative New Zealand company in Queenstown, has devised a solution to this plastic waste dilemma. He has developed the worlds first viable and economic technology, capable of recycling all post-consumer contaminated plastic waste into versatile commercial products that have a range of applications.

Byfusion Technology is a, simple, clean process which transforms plastic waste (including metal bottle tops and paper labels) into ground-breaking, multipurpose products, through the application of world-patented technology and the use of local, community plastic waste.

ByFusion Building Blocks

One of these products is the Byfusion Building Block, an environmentally friendly, all-round construction material. The block is an environmentally friendly, all-round construction material, that can be used to erect boundary, gardening or retainer walls in a considerable shorter time than a standard concrete block wall.

This wall can be finished with plaster or pre-coloured at manufacture with a covering film, or covered and attached with a seeded blanket to create a living green wall. The Green Wall takes waste paper (an effective use of surplus paper) that is reconstituted onto a light wire mesh frame, which is impregnated with a variety of plant material that will provide a living green growing wall on both sides.

The Green Wall has many advantages such as noise absorption. The ability of plant matter to disperse sound is well documented and as the plastic block is partially porous it has a very high capacity for sound absorption.

Safety Purposes

Another important application of this pioneering technology currently being explored is the potential use of the Byfusion Building Block for safety purposes. A block has been successfully tested for a road barrier use or for a sound barrier wall, with the block absorbing the impact of a vehicle and then reforming again. This could have significant implications on the future construction of barrier walls and survival rates on our roads.

Used as a road barrier, the Green Wall also helps to deal with visual pollution. It dissipates car headlights at night, screens the road/motorway from residential areas and the green wall provides a pleasant non disruptive view from the road. Additionally, the blocks could very well be utilised for low income housing developments, pending international testing standards for dwelling construction.”



1. Tedx Talk: Bradley LaForce -‘Capturing Unused Genius and Resources: A New Way To Recycle Plastic’

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