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Just One Person

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“If just one person believes in you, deep enough, and strong enough, believes in you. Hard enough and long enough, it stands to reason, that someone else will think ‘If he can do it, I can do it’.

Making it, two whole people who believe in you. Deep enough and strong enough, believes in you. Hard enough and long enough. There’s bound to be some other person who believes in making it a threesome, making it three. People you can say: believe in me.

And if three whole people, Why not four? And if four whole people, Why not more, and more, and more. And when all those people, believe in you, deep enough, and strong enough, believe in you. Hard enough, and long enough it stands to reason that you yourself will start to see what everybody sees in You. And maybe even you. Can believe in you, too!”

Self-belief isn’t something someone else can give us. It’s not even something that’s negotiable. It just is. And it just is, in us. In the core of who we are as a person. I think, what our lives gift us to do, when we choose to, is to build on that understanding.

Build on it and eventually live into the deepness of what that can mean to us personally. So, perhaps we become a better person, perhaps we know ourselves more clearly and over time, accept however flawed, that we are. No more, no less. Human.

We just are. And what we are isn’t perfect. Perfection is so over-rated and mostly manufactured from an ill-conceived sense of what is more comfortable for us to believe about ourselves. And who are we? We’re the pages in a book. My own preferred book these days, is a paperback.

If you’d asked me a few years ago I would have said Hardcover without any hesitation. But life impacts us. People and how we are with each other change us, redefine our understanding of who we are, give us a viewpoint we’d never have considered without them or these experiences having touched us.

Paperback me, is sometimes dog-earred because I’ve bookmarked a section or parts of myself that are or were, at the time, important. Important enough for me to want to remember to come back to it. Sections or parts of my life that in the future too, may offer me a personal insight with meaning, comfort or courage.

The Muppet song lyrics remind me that while self-belief is intrinsic, it may also be applied from outside ourselves by people we know, love and cherish. Their belief in us giving heart to how it means to be fully human perhaps. To be fully human in all it’s joy and pain, in all it’s depth and breadth. Today I’m revisiting a dog-eared page to remind myself to breathe. Perhaps it will remind you to do the same. The vid simply shows us how.


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