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Mungo: A Lesson from the Heart

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Four years ago I started writing a Children’s Book and four years on, I’ve finally finished the writing side of it. Why did it take so long? I put it down to ‘other busyness’, the kind that conspired to sidetrack me and actually, all of us, from doing those things that give us real joy and a greater sense of fulfilment in our lives.

Recognising where the Path leaves the Road

It was a bitter pill to swallow when it finally dawned on me that the cliff experience is actually part and parcel of that walk too! Yes, the one where we walk to the edge and leap. Not a leeming leap in to oblivion but a leap into trust that what we’re doing is backing ourselves for all the right reasons.

And that reason? Plain and simple, I finally believed I could do it and it coincided with one of the saddest and most devastating weeks of my life. All the telling from others won’t do it, the belief has to grow up from inside our own heart. We have to take an axe to the root of the doubt and ruthlessly tear out any weeds we’ve let grow there too. There are no shortcuts to that process and those who tell you there is, are lying.

Getting to Believe

Despite what they say about pain, it produces in us something no other emotion is able elicit from us when we feel less able to give it. It offers us focus. It did for me. I’ve never been a ditherer but I have allowed some projects to sit in the back of my brain for longer periods of time than most would. I find they percolate, create and recreate themselves into do-able patterns of assembly. And mainly, I see all of that in my mindseye.

I rarely commit pen to paper in this part of the process, and that inspite of the fact that I write a lot. I know! I just heard all the goal-setting zealots in the world gasp in disbelief, but I don’t. The clarity doesn’t come for me then. It comes much later. And for the most part, it comes to me almost assembled, except for some practicalities you can only figure out by doing.


mungo_150 I ‘discovered’ Mungo inside an existing cartoon character drawn by someone I knew. As a ‘toon character he struck me as immediately likeable, somehow trustworthy and not a character that I felt should be relegated to the cutting floor as he was going to be.

As a writer, I could intuit a future for him that I couldn’t see then but somehow knew existed for him. My book is called, “Mungo and Charlie: A Story About Making New Friends” It’s a story that validates one of the ways that a child can make friends. In this case, by an introduction from inside a thought-bubble. No kidding, it’s a story with heart. The Age range is for 5-7 year olds though it’s a decent Read Along for younger age groups who enjoy hearing a story being read.


“It’s enchanting” – JMB, Sydney

” I loved the whole notion of the story. You tell it very simply, and we end up liking the story as well as the characters. A really good, innovative way of telling a story.” – MS, Central Coast

” I always say I know a good story when I dont see the words I’m reading, I see it as a film in my head and that’s just what it does for me …” – RB, Fareham, UK.

“I really love it. It’s a beautiful story with so much fun to it. I love the running idea of the chocolate cake …” LS, Waterloo, Canada

“You have a very intelligent magical Mungo, who will find his way into both children and their parent’s hearts and minds. I feel a part of Mungo already, thats just what he does, gets to you.” – KP, Flaxmere NZ

“Well, I just want to know if I can have a signed copy when I buy one. Can’t wait to read the next one. So many possibilities. Love the magic river.” – MRC, Onga Onga, NZ

” A beautiful story that the kids digested so well and they want to read it everyday now. They love the river personified, asking me what colour hair does she have, and if her tresses are as long as Rapunzel. What a wonderful idea about communicating in the thoughts, emotions felt but sometimes unsaid!” – BS, Essen, Germany

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