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David Venter: Nelson Mandela, Negotiation and Conflict Management

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Professor David Venter was born in South Africa where as Director General of all Government communication he assisted Nelson Mandela during the transition from apartheid to democracy. He then specialised as a negotiation and mediation instructor. He came into contact with numerous world leaders.


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ABOUT Professor David Venter

“He is a co-founder and Director of Global Negotiation Academy. He has a wealth of local and international experience as both a facilitator of negotiation interventions and a trainer and advisor of negotiators.

He believes that good leaders are thin on the ground. Many people in positions of leadership today can barely be called epitomes of good leadership.

Recent events such as the uprisings against the established leaders in the Arabic states, the nuclear disaster in Japan and the financial disaster in Greece also raise questions. The world clearly needs leaders who see the current financial, political and environmental crises from a different angle; leaders who offer solutions that transcend average leadership.

Prof. David Venter believes in Beyonders. Beyonders are leaders with a strong (future) vision based on values. To them problems are not obstacles but challenging opportunities. They persist until they have achieved their objectives and create an environment that stimulates and inspires. Even when not supported by powerful institutions they continue fighting for their convictions. In short, they strive to be the best FOR this world, and not the best IN the world.”




1. Book: Beyonders  2. Website: Vlerick Leuven Ghent Management School

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