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Megan Kamerick: The Whole Picture

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How do you tell women’s stories? Ask women to tell them. Megan Kamerick shows how the news media under-represents women as reporters and news sources, and because of that tells an incomplete story.


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ABOUT Megan Kamerick

“Megan Kamerick has been a business reporter for 16 years. She’s received awards around the country for investigative profiles, breaking news, and her portrayal of women.

She has received top honours for her work in New Orleans on business and environmental stories, and has been recognised nationally by the Association of Area Business Publications for an editorial on civil liberties.

From 2009 to 2011, Kamerick was president of the Journalism & Women Symposium (JAWS), an organisation dedicated to advancing and the careers of women in journalism and to a balanced representation of women in media.

She hosts a Women’s Newscast every two weeks for the local public radio, KUMN, and produces and hosts the show Public Square on New Mexico PBS.”




1. Website: Journalism & Women Symposium  2. Twitter  3. Podcast: KUNM 

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