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Dr. Charles Raison Coming to our Senses: Rethinking How We Understand and Treat Depression

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In the most general sense, the Raison Lab conducts studies aimed at understanding how social and sensory pathways may be targeted as novel treatments of mood and anxiety disorders. They are trying to help fight depression, and other mood altering states without the use of psychiatric drugs by harnessing our body’s own power and ability.


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ABOUT Dr. Charles Raison

charles_raison “Dr. Charles Raison is an Associate Professor at the University of Arizona Department of Psychiatry, in the College of Medicine. His research focuses on how the brain and body work together.

His research is especially related to depression in the medically ill, and on harnessing scientific understanding of the mind and body to enable more of us to enjoy happiness and health.

He says that many people don’t understand that the way they structure their thoughts, their relationships, and their physical conditioning will, over time, either promote well-being or contribute greatly to sickness and depression.

“I am convinced that genuine happiness, because it makes people more peaceful, more giving, and more effective has the power to change the world”

His specific areas of study include how our immune systems play a key role in our emotional lives and using compassion meditation to prevent depression in College students by reducing stress-related inflammatory activity.”


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