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Bruce Lynch: Producer/Arranger and Musician

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Bruce Lynch is an accomplished performer, composer and arranger with experience in many genres including classical guitar, composition and orchestration. Early in his career he performed studio and live work on bass (electric and acoustic) for jazz, rock and orchestra ensembles. He was an arranger for big bands and orchestras for TV and Radio and is credited as a Producer for a variety of top selling local recording artists.

ABOUT Bruce Lynch

bruce_lynchIn the recording studio he has worked with Gary Brooker (Procol Harum), Rick Wakeman, Chris de Burgh, Chris Rea, Leo Sayer, Art Garfunkel, Richard Thompson, Spike Milligan, Scott Walker, Mary Hopkin and Bernie Zarsoff. He has maintained a long association with Cat Stevens that has also included two world tours and six albums.

He is credited with commercials, documentaries, an animated series, feature film scores and an internationally acclaimed album for Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. He worked on the Power Rangers TV series: ‘Dinomite’ as well as the New Zealand documentary ‘Treasure Island Kids’ the first trilogy to come out of NZ since ‘Lord of the Rings’.


In your opinion, what elements make a music score memorable?

Principally, a good film makes a music score memorable. By that I mean, elements like a great script, good acting, production excellence. The score is a supportive role and is all too often relied upon to patch the holes. I quite like movies that have no music like Hitchcocks ‘The Birds’ although Bernard Hermann’s contribution to the genre is legendary.

Was there ever an album that you worked on and knew in your bones it was just going to be a great album before you finished it? Where does that ‘knowing’ come from?

I never looked at it that way, especially in terms of the ultimate success of a project. I have been involved in many excellent recordings that never saw the light of day. On the other hand, I have also been involved in fairly ‘ho-hum’ projects that were apparently successful and even sometimes critically acclaimed.

It has occurred to me that I have played on many songs by original artists and then found myself playing another version by a well known. ‘Pilot’ written by Mickey Jupp, a great songwriter deserved better recognition. Jupp was an English musician and songwriter mainly associated with the Southend music scene.

‘Pilot’ was written in 10 minutes after the break-up of an affair. Jupp said, “A lot of fans think that was one of the best songs I’ve ever written.” The version by Gary Brooker and produced by George Martin from the album ‘No More Fear of Flying’ was released the same day that a DC10 crashed in Paris, that kind of killed it.

Tell us about a Cause you believe and the reasons it’s important to you?

That is an easy one. I wish to eradicate bullshit by way of critical thinking and education. The particular brands of bullshit are: new age pseudo science, conspiracy theories, so-called ‘spiritual leaders’ Fox News presenters, everybody who blames John Key for their particular brand of misfortune, all junk philosophy, junk science and medicine (and the tooth fairy). Others include: Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Michael Shermer, Daniel Dennet, Tim Minchen and Penn & Teller.

Best Lynch tips you’d give to up and coming Arranger/Producers on how to improve their orchestral sequencing skills?

Go and write for a real orchestra. They talk back to you. A little bit hard these days, I was lucky. There are still people around willing to share that knowledge. If memory serves me correctly, Craig Anderton wrote a piece on that.

You’ve restored two de Havilland Tiger Moths. Why Tiger Moths? How does Wingnut Aviation fit into Lynch Music’s overall business strategies?

Aviation is not a business strategy, unless you just want to throw money away. I have on occasion managed to combine the music and aviation, but the rewards are more emotional than representative of good business, which is how I have always managed my business. Why Tiger Moths? That question is answered in Issue 29, ‘Tigers Tale’ of the KiwiFlyer Magazine.


1. Website: Mickey Jupp 2. Video: ‘Pilot’ by Gary Booker #penneylaneonline

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