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Anil Dash: Holding to Account

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ThinkUp co-founder and tech blogger Anil Dash questions what happens to our civic discourse when our online conversations occur under the terms of service of a small group of privately-owned tech companies whose sense of civic-mindedness is questionable at best? Are we part of the problem by not being part of the solution?

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ABOUT Anil Dash

Anil_Dash“ThinkUp is an app that helps make sure all the time we spend online or social networks isn’t wasted. Dash is also co-founder of Activate, the consultancy that helps define strategy for the most important companies in technology and media.

He is recognised as one of the earliest and most influential technologists in Social Media. Described as a ‘blogging pioneer’ by the New Yorker, he has been publishing his site continuously since 1999, earning recognition as a Webby honoree and acting as a platform for his activism as well as his thoughts on technology, policy, pop culture and media.

In 2013, Time named @anildash one of the best accounts on Twitter, and some of its nearly half million followers agree. He serves on the Board of Stack Exchange, the Data & Society Research Institute, and the New York Tech Meetup, where he was the first person elected by its members to serve on the Board of the largest organised technology community in the United States.

Dash has been a contributing editor and monthly columnist for Wired magazine and also advises a number of startups and non-profits, including respected new publisher Vox Media, noted education non-profit DonorsChoose and the Aspen Institute’s Task Force on Learning and the Internet.”



1. Website: Anil Dash 2. Twitter #Penneylaneonline

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