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New Zealand Bone Marrow Donor Registry

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Being diagnosed with a blood cancer or related blood condition can be overwhelming, and coming to terms with it can create many challenges. The aim of the The Leukaemia & Blood Foundation (LBF) is to ease some of this burden.


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“Every Waste Water Treatment Plant produces Sludge. A third of the total waste volume going to a landfill site is sludge. About half a million tonnes per year just for the lower North Island of New Zealand and the problem just keeps on getting bigger.


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Byfusion Technology provides an effective and economic solution to the global problem of landfills and oceans being overcome by plastic. Globally we produce over 80 million tonnes of plastic waste yearly, and our consumption continues to increase

Pillars Inc

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“Is an innovative long term, prevention programme serving children with a parent in prison. Established in 1988, their services are delivered by professional social workers and volunteer mentors.

11Ants Analytics

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“11Ants Analytics is determined to make data mining technology accessible to less-technical users. Ordinary people like me and you. They got rid of the intimidation-factor most people like us experience when attempting data mining by integrating their Model Builder into Microsoft Excel so it also provides some seamless workflow conditions.

The Village Community Services Trust

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“Focuses on Pasifika and Maori communities unique needs and issues. At the very heart of the organisation is the creed or kaupapa that ‘it takes a Village to raise a child’. Underpinning this idea is the belief that as responsible members of our community, they have a collective responsibility to play whatever part they can […]

White Ribbon New Zealand

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“Wearing a white ribbon is a personal pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women. The White Ribbon campaign in New Zealand is a meld of the White Ribbon Day movement in Canada and the United Nations international day for Elimination of Violence Against Women that is celebrated on 25 November […]


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“The YikeBike is a statement about using smart technology to solve the problems of our increasingly congested, polluted, stressful cities. It is the first commercial expression of the mini-farthing concept, created by a bunch of successful entrepreneurs, engineers and dreamers. Grant Ryan’s goal is that one day his electric bike will be the most commonly […]

4 Paws NZ

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“Assistance Dogs make the lives of children suffering from Autism better. These dogs will significantly improve the quality of life of children, particularly with regards to increased health, safety and independence. The dogs are valued at $USD15,000 each and have been hugely subsidised at a cost of $NZD3,000 thanks to the generosity of 4PAWS For […]

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