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FrackT Up

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No matter how it’s written up these days, legislation just isn’t sexy. It doesn’t have an elegant and simple interface like Apple-sexy does, it doesn’t create an emotional connection but it should because it affects so many ordinary me and yous. Legislation is, in this country and in my opinion and for the most part, […]

A Frack’in Flash in the Pan

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Hydraulic fracturing is the spreading of fractures in a rock layer caused by the use of a pressurised fluid. Hydraulic fractures may form naturally or may be man-made in order to release petroleum, natural gas, coal seam gas, or other substances for extraction. The technique used is commonly called ‘fracking’.

Where the Wild Things Are

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Inside all of us is fear, yes fear. I know, it’s an uncomfortable admission since it defies a good deal of our pretences to bravery. Funnily enough, as young children we seemed incapable of it and then, as an adult, whammo it’s just there, large as some life-size iMax screen, eye-balling us and daring us […]

Beyond the Shadowlands

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What then is courage? Perhaps it’s nothing more or less than to tell the story of who we are with our whole heart. To be imperfect in this perfection-idolising world. It’s having the emotional and mental wherewithal to be kind to ourselves first and then to others.

Through the Shadowlands

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How does one properly frame the one question we’ve managed to avoid until it quietly poses itself to us inside our thinking? The question of how we’ll feel when we lose a rare human being from our life?


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“Why love if losing hurts so much? I have no answers any more. Only the life I have lived. Twice in that life I’ve been given the choice: as a boy and as a man. The boy chose safety, the man chooses suffering. The pain now is part of the happiness then. That’s the deal.” […]

Mungo: A Lesson from the Heart

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Four years ago I started writing a Children’s Book and four years on, I’ve finally finished the writing side of it. Why did it take so long? I put it down to ‘other busyness’, the kind that conspired to sidetrack me and actually, all of us, from doing those things that give us real joy […]

Just One Person

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“If just one person believes in you, deep enough, and strong enough, believes in you. Hard enough and long enough, it stands to reason, that someone else will think ‘If he can do it, I can do it’.

Heke Women

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A Heke woman has a way about how she stands inside herself, I know this. Among our immediate own, it’s upright without lording it over one another. It’s strong without being

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