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Pindrop Foundation

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“It has been estimated that there are over 400,000 hearing impaired New Zealanders, 4000 of whom could possibly benefit from a cochlear implant and yet a good many of these people aren’t aware that the option exists for them to consider. Pindrop was set up to raise awareness and funds for Cochlear Implants (bionic ears) […]

Hope for Henry Foundation

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“In 1995, Henry Strongin Goldberg was born. Two weeks later, he was diagnosed with Fanconi anemia, a disease that threatened to take his life, and challenged people to live well despite it. Henry embraced each opportunity for living completely and reminded the rest of us to do so. His sparkly eyes, mischievous grin and infectious […]

Jade KIDS Foundation

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The Jade Bell Story is the fascinating exploration into the life and mind of a young man who has been to hell and back. Blind, mute and immobile, Jade is the living example of what can happen if you survive an overdose of hard drugs. Today, Jade will do anything to get his old life […]

Stellar Trust

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“Fund programmes that will in time lead to a major reduction in the usage of P, particularly by younger people. This deceptive and very addictive drug has no social boundaries. It is the modern day plague causing major damage throughout all layers of our society.

The White Tree Fund

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The White Tree Fund supports charities engaged in crisis response, humanitarian programmes, literacy &

Cookie Time Charitable Trust

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“The Cookie Time Charitable Trust was established in 2003 with the purpose of improving the educational opportunities available to children and young people throughout New Zealand. It is entrepreneurial in nature reflecting its

The Low Down

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The Low Down is where New Zealand teens are encouraged to speak openly about issues that may or are affecting them.

Beyond Blue

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Beyond Blue’s mission is to provide a national focus and community leadership to increase the capacity of the broader Australian community to prevent depression and respond effectively.

Catwalk Trust

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The CatWalk Trust is dedicated to raising funds primarily from within New Zealand and Australia but also with help of friends around the world to support the body of scientific opinion which says a cure for Spinal Cord Injury will be found.

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