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Vanish the Thought

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One of the loveliest stories told during the mihi and whaikororeo was by Aunty June about Nama’s Pond’s Cream. The story of Ponds “began when Theron T. Pond, a pharmacist from Utica New York, introduced ‘Pond’s Golden Treasure’ in 1846, a witch-hazel based

Two Paddocks Blog

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“We broke the bread,we drank the wine Everybody… having a good time.” U2, To the Ends of the Earth Two Paddocks is a small family wine producing business that is entirely dedicated to making great wine. It’s proprietor, Sam Neill is also an itinerant actor. He

King of the Castle

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From time to time it can feel like every day runs seamlessly into the other. Nothing wrong with that I suppose but I can’t say its mind inspiring. I like the bumps in the road, I like the way they