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Bigger than Ben Hur

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To my way of thinking, traditions/rituals define an important social component of our lives that I think is fast becoming lost in the Western world and I find that sad actually. I feel they’ve been shelved because of the adverse attention that’s been


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As New Zealanders we have a lot in common with the friendly, resourceful, sporty and proud people of Naryn oblast and New Zealand’s livestock production technologies are relevant tools to help them. KNZRT is an organisation doing just that

Kiwi Conservation Club

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The Kiwi Conservation Club (KCC)is a Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society project for children. It began in 1988 and is cool for kids. Over 17,000 children receive the Kiwi Conservation Club magazine, including

Playing Catch Up

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Things feel so catch up at the moment. Catch up with myself; catch up with others I’ve seemed to have missed over an extended period of time. Catch up can make you feel frantic when