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Human Documents

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In the beginning, driving between Napier and Taupo (on State Highway 5) is sort of like playing snakes and ladders. It requires alot of concentration due to the serpentine nature of the hills around Te Haroto particularly since

Listening to Quiet

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I love to listen to Quiet. I have a sense at times that he’s listening right back as intently as I am to him. We’re respectful toward each other, more so now, than in the beginning when we were both young and had no

From Strength to Strength

August 27, 2008 by  
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Where do you think the strength in us all comes from? Maybe the well-spring of some quiet pool deep in our heart’s forest do you think? Or bubbling up from an underground spa where no-one knows its source or beginning? I’m not sure

Code Breaker

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I like the enigma that is life, well, sometimes. I like the fact there are parts of it that require deciphering. I fancy myself as a code-breaker. I like that while some days may be filled with many small codes that are easily cracked, there are others that require painstaking scrutiny as to how they […]

Taking the Time

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It’s an interesting habit we have, this one, of stowing old loves (their letters and or their pictures usually or both) between the pages of some much-loved book or somewhere equally safe. Why is that do you think? To keep the memory of them warm or