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Breath of Life

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The first time I exchanged a memorable hongi was with a very distinguished maori gentleman at the Wellington Art Gallery (during a private showing of a Goldie exhibition). He looked uncomfortable standing in a line-up top heavy with

Treasure Trove

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I get a real kick out of finding a treasure among the oddments of a second-hand shop or an Estate sale. It’s the fact that these things have been pre-loved. I love that they have their own story to tell and hearing it can be so humbling.

Blue Cow

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Moods are funny things. Have you ever wondered why one kind comes out ahead of another at any given time, on any given day? I do, often. And it’s not even like we have an option somedays. Some days are more reflective, some exhuberant, others overwhelming or sad but

In Reflection

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It’s my friend Frazer’s birthday today and while the age tachometer trips over another year for him I’m reminded of just how long I’ve known him and I concede it’s been a while. Today, Lynley Dodd’s Hairy McClary from Donaldson’s dairy also celebrated

Birds On A Wire

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Fence-sitting can be contagious, not just some of the time by some of the population but most of the time by most of the population. Fence-sitting is safe (or so they say, I beg to differ) which is precisely why so many among us do it! The trouble with