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Drinking the Bath Water

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From time to time when my children were small I used to fill the bath tub with hot water, added strawberry flavoured jelly crystals, stirred them until they had completely dissolved and the water temp had become tepid. After that, for sheer mad delight, the only other thing you needed to add was three small […]

Recipe for Success Foundation (RFS)

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“The Foundation is dedicated to combating childhood obesity by changing the way our children understand, appreciate and eat their food, and by educating and mobilising the community to provide healthier dietary habits for children. They have developed a comprehensive experiential learning programme that makes healthy food fun, and they work to make healthy food available […]

Navjyoti India Foundation (NIF)

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“It’s name means ‘A New Light’. It was founded with a belief in welfare and preventive policing. With a handful of supporters and great deal of determination, they began their endeavors cautiously but confidently treading unchartered waters to help more and more people, gradually changing the mission to ‘help for helpless’ and then towards ‘self […]

Cui Bono

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My previous blog ended with alliances being formed. “This political, legislative and fiscal background allowed a Council decision without resort to a referendum. With respect to community water fluoridation in New Zealand, Hastings represented the primary interface between

Consensus As scarce as Hen’s Teeth

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“Analyses of events or data can result in differing interpretations depending on the perspectives and bias of those involved. Moreover, the long evolution of community water fluoridation has its beginnings anchored in the duality of

Listening to the Juke Box

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“Clearly, the fluoride argument is a very complex issue, many differing scientific studies, with many different stakeholders who have many different perspectives, some well meaning and some self-serving, motivated by profit, and many just ignorant of the facts. Cui bono (latin for “as a benefit to whom”) more colloquially, WHO benefits?”

A Tooth for a Tooth

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If the Letters to the Editor of my local Newspaper, The CHB Mail (Tuesday December 15, 2009) are anything to go by, the issue of fluoridation to our local public water supply is becoming

White Out

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C S Lewis in his book ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’ raises the notion of a ‘deeper magic’ (when one who is blameless willingly dies on behalf of the guilty and may return to life). Lewis’ main character, Aslan goes head to head with

High on a Hill

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Listening to the tributes about my great grandmother Moewaka Jane Rapana (or Nama as she was affectionately called) it wasn’t hard to imagine her walking between us all standing there. It seemed fitting that she would rest on the high hill overlooking her beloved

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