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It’s funny what your mind gets to thinking and turning over as you drive. Mine was ripping through the gears, packed to the gunnels with unfamiliar names to put together with two or even three times met faces in places best described as the ‘back of beyond’ in that shy way that being new to […]

Timeless Taniwha

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Further on from Hamilton is Cambridge, a charming country town. You’ll find some of New Zealand’s best fences in this neck of the woods because this is horse country, racehorse country! But there’s so much more to it. I think this is a playground for the

Flipp’in Fireworks

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When we bypassed Taupo to stop in Wairakei we also bypassed Lake Taupo so I wanted to retrace my footsteps since I feel it a worthwhile historical exercise just to tell you about it. “It is the largest lake by surface area in the country, it’s drained by the Waikato River, while its main tributaries […]

The Tree People

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Genesis Energy is a major supplier and generator of energy, in New Zealand global warming does not just mean warmer days. It will also result in more extreme weather events in New Zealand such as flooding, storms, droughts and

Dancing Queen

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I was thinking that it’s impossible for time to stand still as we hope it will. It’s like a momentary hope on our part to want that, but in all honesty it’s never going to happen. No. Time (as we know it) is

Feeling Humbuggerish

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Do you ever feel humbuggerish? Strictly speaking there’s no such word. The noun humbug has one of a number of meanings but I refer to it here by this meaning:


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I miss the open spaces of my childhood but I’m caught in a bind. The city is where I’ve lived most of my life but it’s the smell of the country that makes me feel alive again, the smell of open space and it’s reminder of a different kind of days work that

Twinkle Twinkle

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My old school-friend Sal reminds me of what long time friendship means. And what’s that you say? Well, here’s the thing, for me it’s the reference to the ‘long’ bit that gives you a clue. Long time for Sal on the other hand has meant long-between letters, long-between chats and