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The Treasure Box

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Lately, my cousin Davina and me have been having chats with Kaumatua, Haami Moeke. A Kaumatua is a respected Māori elder. His birth place in the Bay of Plenty, bordering on Tuhoe country, Tuhoe Children of the Mist. I think of him latterly as a son of the Four Winds. He has that about him, an […]

A Golden Phoenix

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There’s something quite moment-defining in feeling our spirits lift, soar for however long it takes us to soar on its wings and deliver us up from out of the everydayness of our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate ‘everydayness’ it’s kept my feet blessedly muddy and

The Tree People

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Genesis Energy is a major supplier and generator of energy, in New Zealand global warming does not just mean warmer days. It will also result in more extreme weather events in New Zealand such as flooding, storms, droughts and

Eye Eye

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I’ve just finished two large commissioned canvases. They tantalise the eye, teasing them with their bold splashes of colour and irreverent ‘don’t tell me I know how I look’ sense in the way they

Send In the Clowns

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Many comedians these days rely alot on finding shock tactics to deliver the all too familiar four-letter ‘f’ word to every respectable sentence that ever graced a stage. I wonder sometimes


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Most times when you’re growing up I can’t help thinking how little we pay attention to the details in our lives as they unfold. I was thinking about Miz who was my literary mentor many years ago now. She’s since passed away having accomplished for herself the title of novelist. She always told me,

I Dreamed

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” I dreamed a dream in times gone by when hope was high and life worth living, I dreamed that love would never die, I dreamed that God would be forgiving. Then I was young and unafraid and dreams were made and


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I miss the open spaces of my childhood but I’m caught in a bind. The city is where I’ve lived most of my life but it’s the smell of the country that makes me feel alive again, the smell of open space and it’s reminder of a different kind of days work that