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Herstory History

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Each of us has a story, infact my story is not your story and herstory is not history and that’s what makes this world so interesting. Whether we say we are or not, each of us is a global citizen, always have been.

Dream Team Machine

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Sumner Redstone once said, “The best deal is one where it’s fair to you and it’s fair to them”, this from a man who has engendered loyalty from his staff because he has shown it to them. And this too, from a man who has an estimated personal fortune of $US9bn.

Dr Jellybeans

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I remember thinking once that Dr Ros had been plying her trade for so long that she knows exactly how to handle herself when having to do one of the worst things Doctors have to do. Give a child

Stiff Upper Whisker

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There’s a great deal of glee that comes with being able to puff billowing tendrils of warm air out to form the genie-like apparition we know as smoke stacks. No real smoke, just warm air meeting cold in the battle to keep an upper hand. Silliness when you think about it because