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Human Documents

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In the beginning, driving between Napier and Taupo (on State Highway 5) is sort of like playing snakes and ladders. It requires alot of concentration due to the serpentine nature of the hills around Te Haroto particularly since

Minxed Messages

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Minx and I play this game with each other, we pretend to ignore each other while peripherally maintaining an acute awareness of just what the other is up to. Where cats have it all over humans (and me in particular) is

Say You Say Me

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What is it about being connected, to someone, something that makes it so important to our human experience? Is it need? If that’s it, then, we’re bound to be disappointed. Needing something too much could

Taking the Time

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It’s an interesting habit we have, this one, of stowing old loves (their letters and or their pictures usually or both) between the pages of some much-loved book or somewhere equally safe. Why is that do you think? To keep the memory of them warm or

Groundhog Day

June 23, 2007 by  
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When insomnia has me reaching for a thick book (or worse) making custard to eat with peaches in mango juice at midnight, I know in my experience it’s really going to be a long day! So long infact that thinking of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day is