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Dream Team Machine

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Sumner Redstone once said, “The best deal is one where it’s fair to you and it’s fair to them”, this from a man who has engendered loyalty from his staff because he has shown it to them. And this too, from a man who has an estimated personal fortune of $US9bn.

Project Wonderful

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Project Wonderful is an online advertising broker with an innovative model that brings fairness, transparency, and profitability to the advertising process. We’re all about making online advertising more profitable and easier for everyone involved!

Red Licorice

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I hate surprises. And that I suppose tells you alot about me. Well, something and nothing. Surprises make me feel uncomfortable if I don’t react the way the surpriser expects me too! I can tell you that from experience!

In Reflection

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It’s my friend Frazer’s birthday today and while the age tachometer trips over another year for him I’m reminded of just how long I’ve known him and I concede it’s been a while. Today, Lynley Dodd’s Hairy McClary from Donaldson’s dairy also celebrated

Humble Beginnings

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Humility in a person is defining. It defines the spirit of a person’s character, the essential core of who and how they are. I’ve often thought humility is bore from humble beginnings, beginnings that are remembered rather than ignored or


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I miss the open spaces of my childhood but I’m caught in a bind. The city is where I’ve lived most of my life but it’s the smell of the country that makes me feel alive again, the smell of open space and it’s reminder of a different kind of days work that

Joe Average

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It’s your average ‘no-ego-in-the-way’ kind of person who’ll just ‘fess up when they know they’re wrong or have been wrong about a thing. Right? Well, maybe! Why? Because no-one wants to