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Waiata of the Heart

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On my first day at Primary School I was chosen for the Infants Choir, I was five years old but I remember it as if it was yesterday. My teacher was Jean Millett who taught Primer 1 at Terrace School in my home town of Waipukurau in Central Hawkes Bay. I credit her (along with

Sock It to ‘Em

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No shoes are worn in the wharenui and what a person does or does not wear on their feet will tell you something about them. Like my daughter Mede, who opted for

Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera

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There are some rather ‘unforgiveable’ social sins, like using your butter knife to spread butter on your toast and also to use it to take up and spread jam with that fall into the category of gross. Well, at my house they do.