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Human Documents

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In the beginning, driving between Napier and Taupo (on State Highway 5) is sort of like playing snakes and ladders. It requires alot of concentration due to the serpentine nature of the hills around Te Haroto particularly since

One plus One equals Three

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Absence is a funny thing, they say that it makes the heart grow fonder and I suppose that’s true to some extent. But absence is absence, it means you or they (whoever ‘they’ are to you) are not in the same place and therein lies

Knowing Me Knowing You

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Does it seem that we’re in a cycle again? The one where everything old is new again? It feels like that right now. It’s happening in fashion, in design (in all its guises). I get that way with

Watercress Heaven

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My uncle was a drunk. It’s probably not something family members would probably admit about him, but he was. Denial is subversive to say the least. He was a simple man, leading a fairly simple life.

Treasure Trove

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I get a real kick out of finding a treasure among the oddments of a second-hand shop or an Estate sale. It’s the fact that these things have been pre-loved. I love that they have their own story to tell and hearing it can be so humbling.

Taking the Time

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It’s an interesting habit we have, this one, of stowing old loves (their letters and or their pictures usually or both) between the pages of some much-loved book or somewhere equally safe. Why is that do you think? To keep the memory of them warm or