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“They believe for a day when everyone in the world can take a safe drink of water. It’s easy to take for granted ready access to a safe supply of drinking water. Yet nearly one billion people lack this most basic resource. They believe that creating accessible, safe water supplies in developing countries frees people […]

The Lifesaver Bottle

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“Is an innovative water purification device that can remove debris, bacteria and viruses from water utilising a unique membrane filtration system. Many people in many parts of the world lack access to clean drinking water. Engineer Michael Pritchard did something about it by inventing the portable Lifesaver filter, which can make the most unpalatable water […]

The Feed Foundation

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“Raises awareness and funds to ensure nutritious School Meals for all children as a first step to improving the global food system. It was founded in 2008 by Ellen Gustafson and Lauren Bush. They started the Foundation because of their shared commitment to raise valuable funds and support for the United Nations World Food Programme’s […]

Doorstep School

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Door Step School addresses literacy amongst the marginalised sections of Indian society. It was established in Mumbai, India in 1988 and later expanded to Pune in 1989. The school built its programme to address three major problems: Non-enrollment, Wastage and Stagnation. Rajani Paranjpe, Founder – President Door Step School (ex-officio member) Mrs. Paranjpe (or Rajani […]

ALS Therapy Development Institute

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“Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease and outside the US as Motor Neuron Disease (MND) or Charcot’s Disease, is a progressive neuro-degenerative disease that attacks motor neurons in the brain (upper motor neurons) and spinal cord (lower motor neurons) and affects muscle function. ALS TDI is the world’s first non-profit biotechnology […]

Anna’s Adventures

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Imagine being a Doctor and having cancer. “Sydney-born Rhodes Scholar, Doctor, Medical Researcher and cancer patient, Anna Donald was a fearless explorer, eager to communicate her experience. While undergoing her fourth round of chemotherapy and exploring complementary therapies, Anna used her formidable skills to offer rare insights from the other side of the doctor-patient divide. […]

Antipodean Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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“An innovative Parkinson’s disease-fighting drug invented at Otago University and developed by NZ pharmaceutical firm Antipodean Biotechnology is a prime example of the kind of novel science Otago Innovation wants to translate into products that significantly benefit health and society. Dubbed ‘MitoQ’, the compound was invented by top Medicinal Chemist Professor Robin Smith and former […]

Love Across the Ocean

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“Children are their first priority. LATO dreams of a day when those least able to care for themselves, aren’t forced to rummage through garbage for food. Originally created to build and renovate schools, LATO soon found itself helping families who struggle to feed themselves on a daily basis. LATO’s President is Leyna Nguyen, a three-time […]

Near Journeys End

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My insides were thrashing about like some taniwha (in Maori myth these were the guardians of the river) restless beneath the awa’s surface. It started this

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