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Alister Benn: Nature Photographer

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“Growing up in rural Scotland in a household that encouraged a love for nature and the outdoors, it was perhaps inevitable that Alister Benn would end up traveling the world in search of wild places.

Beverly & Dereck Joubert: Life lessons from big cats

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Beverly & Dereck Joubert live in the bush, filming and photographing lions and leopards in their natural habitat. With stunning footage (some never before seen), they discuss their personal relationships with these majestic animals and their quest to save the big cats from human threats.

Sock It to ‘Em

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No shoes are worn in the wharenui and what a person does or does not wear on their feet will tell you something about them. Like my daughter Mede, who opted for


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Perfume tells us something about the wearer. Like steak it can be blue, well-done, medium well and burnt (and everything in-between!) Whatever way a person prefers it the depth of the scent has a way of staying with us long after that person has left the building.