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“Every Waste Water Treatment Plant produces Sludge. A third of the total waste volume going to a landfill site is sludge. About half a million tonnes per year just for the lower North Island of New Zealand and the problem just keeps on getting bigger.

Milford Walking Track & Shelter Hut

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The shelter hut at the top of the McKinnon Saddle, the mountain pass that one has to cross westwards on the Milford Track in Fiordland National Pass, New Zealand. This hut is intended only as a short-time/emergency shelter, and is also divided into two internally, for the guided walks people, and the ‘Freedom Walkers’. It […]

Lake Harris, Fiordland, New Zealand

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Lake Harris, with a latitude of -44.73 (44° 43′ 60 S) and a longitude of 168.18 (168° 10′ 60 E), is a hydrographic (lake) located in New Zealand. The location is situated 630 kilometres south west (227°) of the approximate centre of New Zealand and 658 kilometres south west (232°) of the capital of Wellington. […]

Graham Buchan: PEFR Consultant

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“Graham Buchan already had a BSc Land Economics from the University of Paisley, Scotland before deciding in 2005 to give up his day job as Head of Asset and Portfolio Risk with Westpac Global Property Solutions, Sydney. He went on to complete a second BSc in Environmental Forensics at UTS. At his 2009 graduation, he […]

Alister Benn: Nature Photographer

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“Growing up in rural Scotland in a household that encouraged a love for nature and the outdoors, it was perhaps inevitable that Alister Benn would end up traveling the world in search of wild places.

White Ribbon New Zealand

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“Wearing a white ribbon is a personal pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women. The White Ribbon campaign in New Zealand is a meld of the White Ribbon Day movement in Canada and the United Nations international day for Elimination of Violence Against Women that is celebrated on 25 November […]


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“The YikeBike is a statement about using smart technology to solve the problems of our increasingly congested, polluted, stressful cities. It is the first commercial expression of the mini-farthing concept, created by a bunch of successful entrepreneurs, engineers and dreamers. Grant Ryan’s goal is that one day his electric bike will be the most commonly […]

4 Paws NZ

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“Assistance Dogs make the lives of children suffering from Autism better. These dogs will significantly improve the quality of life of children, particularly with regards to increased health, safety and independence. The dogs are valued at $USD15,000 each and have been hugely subsidised at a cost of $NZD3,000 thanks to the generosity of 4PAWS For […]

The Human Brain Bank

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“The N.Z Neurological Foundation Human Brain Bank is established in the Department of Anatomy with Radiology. The bank provides tissue for research programmes such as the pattern of cell death and chemical changes in Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Epilepsy and Motor Neuron Disease. N.Z. Neuroscientist Professor Richard Faull, whose world-leading research on the […]

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