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Human Documents

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In the beginning, driving between Napier and Taupo (on State Highway 5) is sort of like playing snakes and ladders. It requires alot of concentration due to the serpentine nature of the hills around Te Haroto particularly since


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Belonging has a way of sending us into a tail-spin that no other sense or effect on who we are has than anything I’ve been thinking about lately. I’ve often wondered about that. Why its bark is equal in all parts to its bite. Why, it [belonging] has

Live Large And …

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My pal John Hafer uses an expression that I like, “live LARGE”. Actually I like it alot. I like the concept even more when it’s translated to actions. I like that it’s so expansive and spacious in describing the range

Black and White

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I started reading Thomas Hardy’s ‘Tess of the D’Ubervilles’ (A Pure Woman) again last night. I’ve read it before so you’d think that knowing the end would dissuade me from reading it again. But it doesn’t. It’s an instructive piece and I