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Brian Sweeney: The New Zealand Story

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Brian Sweeney is the New York-based Chairman of SweeneyVesty, a global corporate communications company founded in Wellington, New Zealand in 1987 with Jane Vesty, an international leader in Public Relations. He is dedicated to the idea of New Zealand exporting its services, innovation and creativity, and to the related positioning and communications New Zealand must […]

Diana Keough: Life Story

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Diana Keough is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated Medical Journalist who is one of the few journalists to have won national awards for work in print and radio. As editor-in-chief at ShareWIK, she combines story-telling with expert opinion to create high quality health and wellness content that educates and engages users. ShareWIK literally means “Share What I […]

Rita J. King: Creativity and Design of Identity and Community

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Rita J. King thinks of technology as a prism held up to the bright beam of the imagination to create a new global culture and economy. She supports the creative use of digital technology to inhabit ideas, facilitate new dialogue and collaborate on solutions to challenging issues.

Greg Bennick: Creativity and Transformation

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Trial front man, Greg Bennick delivers a profound 10-min talk on becoming an artist of the human condition. He makes people laugh while inviting them to think. He speaks about becoming the change you wish to see in the world: getting involved in ideas, leadership and creativity. He follows up his words with actions.

Tom Yellin: Educate Girls, Change the World

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By highlighting the importance of educating girls, journalist and executive producer of The Documentary Group Tom Yellin and his team set out to help end global poverty. In his project 10×10, Tom illustrates the next wave of journalism and advocacy that breaks down the walls of exclusivity through active partnerships, sharing and great storytelling.

Asi Burak: With Great Power comes Great Responsibility

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Digital games are becoming a mature medium, an expressive art form and a tool for social change. We are barely scratching the surface. Just like books, theatre, TV or cinema, games will one day lure all tastes and players of all ages. But first we have to dismantle the notion of the ‘Gamer’. And with […]

Sean Stewart: Bard 5.0 The Evolution of Storytelling

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Sean Stewart is an award-winning science fiction novelist, a groundbreaking figure in transmedia storytelling, and the most experienced and influential writer of Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) in the world.

Julian Treasure: Sound Health

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In our louder and louder world, says sound expert Julian Treasure, “We are losing our listening.” In this short, fascinating talk, Treasure shares five ways to re-tune your ears for conscious listening to other people and the world around you.

Mungo: A Lesson from the Heart

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Four years ago I started writing a Children’s Book and four years on, I’ve finally finished the writing side of it. Why did it take so long? I put it down to ‘other busyness’, the kind that conspired to sidetrack me and actually, all of us, from doing those things that give us real joy […]

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