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Vanish the Thought

November 12, 2008 by  
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One of the loveliest stories told during the mihi and whaikororeo was by Aunty June about Nama’s Pond’s Cream. The story of Ponds “began when Theron T. Pond, a pharmacist from Utica New York, introduced ‘Pond’s Golden Treasure’ in 1846, a witch-hazel based

Haranui and Beyond

November 7, 2008 by  
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As Woody from Toy Story would say, to Haranui and Beyond! As we head out of Auckland to Haranui Marae the afternoon had that strange ‘four seasons in one day’ feel about it. The skyline has ominous storm clouds rolling in at a great rate of knots but the afternoon sun had a warm and […]

Human Documents

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In the beginning, driving between Napier and Taupo (on State Highway 5) is sort of like playing snakes and ladders. It requires alot of concentration due to the serpentine nature of the hills around Te Haroto particularly since

A ReCreation Story

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Many of you won’t know this, some will, but I’m a WWE wrestling fan. So before you all jump up and down and rain derision on me about how it makes our kids violent, I want to say right from the get-go it is what it is, ENTERTAINMENT pure and simple!

A Long Stretch of Gravel

October 2, 2008 by  
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Driving into Hamilton I’m aware that we have had company for quite a while. The strong silent type, a river called the Waikato. Its name in Māori translates as ‘flowing water’. “It is the longest river in New Zealand and gives its name to the Waikato region that surrounds the Waikato Plains. In the North […]

Where Elephants Swim

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Best friends come in small numbers, great friends are even fewer and farther between. Why is that? Well I think mostly it takes time (I’m talking years here) to deepen a friendship that’s prepared to bare all. It’s as raw and naked as we are want to get because

The ‘sham

May 14, 2006 by  
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The overnight rains have had an unusual effect on the bird life here in the suburb that I live in. There’s an orchestral banter that borders on near hysteria or maybe it’s just an expectancy of something to which we are not privy that makes me feel for the moment, left out.