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Roots and All

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Does it ever seem to you that for most of your life you spend it looking for yourself? Even when you know you’re right there! Odd isn’t it! Tomorrow I’ll be travelling to Helensville. I’m attending the hura kohatu (unveiling) of my maternal great grandmother, a woman I hardly know

The Tree People

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Genesis Energy is a major supplier and generator of energy, in New Zealand global warming does not just mean warmer days. It will also result in more extreme weather events in New Zealand such as flooding, storms, droughts and

Lost or Found

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It’s been days and finally Blackey has appeared in his favourite tree branch in the Orange tree outside my window. It’s such a relief to see him there, and he, for his part is totally oblivious to my concern at his lengthy absence from my backyard. I want to give him a piece of my […]