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Alister Benn: Nature Photographer

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“Growing up in rural Scotland in a household that encouraged a love for nature and the outdoors, it was perhaps inevitable that Alister Benn would end up traveling the world in search of wild places.

High on a Hill

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Listening to the tributes about my great grandmother Moewaka Jane Rapana (or Nama as she was affectionately called) it wasn’t hard to imagine her walking between us all standing there. It seemed fitting that she would rest on the high hill overlooking her beloved

Hura Kohatu, the Unveiling

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It was an ambivalent day, the day of my great grandmother Moewaka Jane Rapana’s unveiling, ambivalent how? Well, neither the day nor the weather could agree who was going to have first say about how events would pan out and eventually we left them to argue between themselves like siblings in a childhood dust up.

If the Shoe Fits Wear It

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The thing about taking a good long hard look at your life is that it can make a person feel regretful or want to compare their life with someone else’s. Now, there might be some merit in that (if

Bigger than Ben Hur

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To my way of thinking, traditions/rituals define an important social component of our lives that I think is fast becoming lost in the Western world and I find that sad actually. I feel they’ve been shelved because of the adverse attention that’s been

Of Mice and Man

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I’m reminded that there is a beauty in death that can be overlooked because of the grief experience. The grief takes over and we see and hear nothing else save feel the overwhelming tsunami of pain that comes from

Pie in the Eye

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I love that the cold air is unapologetic about the way it thwacks you across the face no matter how undeserving we think we might be of such treatment. Have you ever wished you could do that to someone you feel has a complete knack for

When Angels Sing

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When I walk barefoot through puddles it’s to remind myself that my life can be simple. Well, perhaps more simple than it is. I’m reminded that I can feel

Play Ball

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Sometimes finding the way forward is more difficult than we imagine, particularly when we’re just hitting our stride and from out of no-where the unexpected occurs. It somehow seems worse when

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