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Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre

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The Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre provides music therapy for special needs children of school age and younger. It is New Zealand’s first music therapy centre. The idea grew from a Kiwi family’s experience of music therapy in

Of Mice and Man

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I’m reminded that there is a beauty in death that can be overlooked because of the grief experience. The grief takes over and we see and hear nothing else save feel the overwhelming tsunami of pain that comes from

TubB or not TubB

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As time goes by I’m more and more convinced that what matters most to us, is not ultimately, what matters most to a single other person in the world. And why is that? Because unless we’ve taken the time to explain in depth to a single other person why we think and

Mr T

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Trust can seem so fragile. How fragile? As fragile as a single cobweb strung between the branches of two trees, or a hairline crack in glass that hasn’t shattered completely? Nothing malevolent about that I guess! Maybe, maybe not but

Bubble and Squeak

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The festive season is a mere three months away and that makes the thought of sparkling things adventuresome. Liquid sparkling things I mean. The French have got the champagne market all sewn up, Reims in particular. And while we mere mortals can only aspire to

Pie in the Eye

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I love that the cold air is unapologetic about the way it thwacks you across the face no matter how undeserving we think we might be of such treatment. Have you ever wished you could do that to someone you feel has a complete knack for

Minxed Messages

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Minx and I play this game with each other, we pretend to ignore each other while peripherally maintaining an acute awareness of just what the other is up to. Where cats have it all over humans (and me in particular) is


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I always love my time with my friends Jen and Graes and their young adults. Their friendship is like an oasis. Not that life has been desert-like lately, no, it’s just that it’s so refreshing. Their friendship is life-giving.

Red Licorice

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I hate surprises. And that I suppose tells you alot about me. Well, something and nothing. Surprises make me feel uncomfortable if I don’t react the way the surpriser expects me too! I can tell you that from experience!

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