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Good Food Guides

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Gathering for our last meal together in the whare kai, nothing managed to savage my tastebuds more than the errant tendrils of the cooked hangi smells now wafting from the kitchen into the small dining room. It had been 17 years since I last ate hangi on home soil and now

Wet And Wild

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The mechanical horses beneath the bonnet of our car seemed to be straining at the bit, they wanted to gallop to the bottom of the Bombay Hills. I gave them reign. With the window wound down again I felt the wind on my face and I was reminded of

Birds of a Feather

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My soul feels sluggish lately, like it’s carrying extra weight around that has slowed it’s progress. It’s frustrating and peeving at the same time! It’s like being in charge of something that has both a life and mind of its own but you’re still expected to keep charge of it!


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EDEN was established in 1990 initially as an agency to provide community based services for people with eating disorders/difficulties. Our focus over the last 14 years has shifted from